National Advertising Review Board

NARB Recommends Rust-Oleum Discontinue Use of 2X Ultra Cover Product Name

A panel of the NARB has recommended that Rust-Oleum Corporation discontinue use of “2X” as part of the Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover product name.

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NARB Recommends DirecTV Better Disclose to Consumers Availability of 4K Content, Discontinue ‘Free Upgrade’ to Genie HD DVR Claim

NARB has recommended that DirecTV, LLC, modify claims made for its satellite television services to better disclose to consumers that limited programming is available in 4k, or ultra high-definition format, modify its claims that DirecTV is wireless, and discontinue a “free upgrade” to Genie HD DVR claim.

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NARB Recommends T-Mobile Better Disclose to Consumers Terms of ‘Ditch & Switch’ Ad Campaign

A panel of NARB has recommended that T-Mobile USA, Inc., better disclose to consumers the terms of the company’s “Ditch and Switch” campaign, and either modify or discontinue claims that cap consumer reimbursements at $650.

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NARB Recommends Reckitt Benckiser Discontinue Advertisements for Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Sprays, Challenged by Clorox

A panel of NARB has recommended that Reckitt Benckiser, Inc., discontinue advertisements for the company’s Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Spray products that were challenged by The Clorox Company.

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NARB Recommends Verizon Modify ‘#1’ Claims to Clarify ‘Customer Satisfaction’ Basis

A panel of NARB has recommended that Verizon Communications, Inc. modify “#1” claims for the company’s FiOS Internet and television service to more clearly communicate the basis for the claims.

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NARB Recommends Clarion Brands Modify, Discontinue Claims That Dietary Supplement ‘Lipo-Flavonoid Plus’ Substantially Reduces, Eliminates Tinnitus

A five-member panel of NARB has recommended that Clarion Brands LLC modify or discontinue certain claims for the company’s Lipo-Flavonoid Plus dietary supplement, including claims made through testimonials, that state or imply that the product substantially reduces or eliminates tinnitus and the symptoms of Ménière’s Disease, a disorder of the inner ear.

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