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The Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC) establishes the policies and procedures for advertising industry self-regulation, including the National Advertising Division (NAD), Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), National Advertising Review Board (NARB), Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) and Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (Accountability Program.) The self-regulatory system is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.  

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ASRC Today’s Must-Read

C. Lee Peeler, President and CEO, Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, and EVP, Council of Better Business Bureaus,  testified Tuesday, June 17,   before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Subcommittee on Consumer Protect, Product Safety and Insurance at a hearing to address “Protecting Consumers from False and Deceptive Advertising of Weight-Loss Products.”

Mr. Peeler described the self-regulatory system and the work of the Better Business Bureau in addressing false or misleading advertising claims for weight-loss products and highlighted in his presentation the industry trade associations that have embraced the self-regulatory system’s strong standards for truth and accuracy.

You can read about the hearing here, here and here.