About NAD

NAD provides a low-cost alternative to litigation
National advertisers who use the NAD process find it to be significantly less expensive than litigation. By utilizing NAD, cost-conscious companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars typically spent seeking reparation through the courts.

NAD provides a quick and private process
NAD works to provide a written decision in 60 to 90 business days.  Companies can expect advertising challenges to be resolved while the ad campaign is still running. And, unlike judicial files, NAD keeps confidential all data it receives in reviewing a case. The challenger’s and advertiser’s positions, NAD’s decision and a statement by the advertiser are made public.

NAD settles disputes fairly and effectively
NAD uses a unique, hybrid form of alternative dispute resolution, working closely with in-house counsel, marketing executives, research and development departments and outside consultants to decide whether claims have been substantiated. Each party to the dispute has ample opportunity to explain its position and provide supporting data.

NAD attorneys are experts in advertising review
The advertising review professionals at NAD are experienced attorneys with expertise in claims substantiation, advertising and trade regulation, litigation and arbitration.

NAD helps to ensure a level playing field
Government regulation is usually costly and burdensome. NAD has earned the respect of consumers and regulators alike for providing an effective, successful self-regulatory mechanism. Advertisers’ willingness to support NAD and voluntarily adhere to its decisions helps to ensure an honest and open playing field in advertising.