National Advertising Review Board

NARB Panel Recommends Unilever Discontinues Certain Claims, Barbed-Wire Imagery for ‘Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash’

A five-member panel of NARB has recommended that Unilever United States, Inc., discontinue certain advertising claims for the company’s “Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash,” and discontinue the use of barbed wire in imagery of competing products.

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NARB Panel Finds ASPCA Can Support Claims Made in Charitable Solicitations; Claims Challenged by State Humane Association of California

A five-member panel of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) has determined that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) can support challenged claims made in charitable solicitations.

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NARB Panel Finds Meda Can Support ‘Faster’ Sleep Claims for MidNitePM, but Recommends Company Discontinue Pain-Relief Claims

A five-member panel of NARB has determined that that Meda Consumer Healthcare, Inc., maker of the dietary supplement “MidNite PM,” provided a reasonable basis in support of claims that the product promotes faster sleep and lets users wake without grogginess. The NARB panel recommended, however, that Meda discontinue claims that the product promotes “fast” sleep or can be used to manage pain.

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NAD Finds L’Oreal Can Support Mascara Performance Claims, But Recommends Company Disclose Lash Inserts in Main Message of Ad or Discontinue Use of Enhancements; Company to Appeal to NARB

NAD has determined that L’Oreal U.S.A., Inc., can support certain performance claims for two mascara products. NAD has recommended, however, that the company discontinue the use of eyelash inserts in mascara advertisements that also make quantified performance claims or explicitly tell consumers – in the main message of the advertisement – that an image depicts the use of both mascara and lash inserts. L’Oreal has said it will appeal NAD’s decision to the National Advertising Review Board.

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National Advertising Review Board Finds Matrixx Claims for Zicam Don’t Mislead Consumers

NARB has determined that certain claims made by Matrixx Initiatives for its Zicam Cold Remedy products would not reasonably be understood to mean that use of the products prevents colds.

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NARB Recommends Healthy Directions Discontinue Certain Claims at Issue for ‘Joint Advantage Gold’ Supplement

NARB has recommended that Healthy Directions, LLC, discontinue certain advertising claims for the company’s Joint Advantage Gold dietary supplement, including claims that the product eases pain in seven days and is made with ingredients traditionally used by the Aboriginal people of Australia.

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