Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program

ERSP Recommends Theradome Modify, Discontinue Certain Claims for Hair-Loss Laser; Found Advertiser Could Support Certain Claims

ERSP has recommended that Theradome, Inc., modify or discontinue certain advertising claims for Theradome, a product designed to treat hair loss through the use of a low-level laser. ERSP found the marketer could support certain claim

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ERSP Recommends, LLC Modify Certain Claims for Affiliate-Marketing Program; Company Agrees to Do So

ERSP has recommended that, LLC modify or discontinue certain claims for the company’s Partner With Paul affiliate marketing program.

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ERSP Refers Advertising for Dinamo to FTC, FDA after Marketer Fails to Respond to ERSP Inquiry

ERSP has announced it will refer direct response advertising for Dinamo to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after the marketer, Natures Flava, LLC, failed to respond to an ERSP inquiry.

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ERSP Reviews Advertising for ‘Zvelt,’ Marketer Voluntarily Discontinues Claims

ERSP has recommended Progenum International, LLC modify or discontinue certain claims for Zvelt, a weight-loss patch.

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ERSP Reviews Advertising for ‘Troxyphen,’ Recommends Marketer Modify or Discontinue Certain Claims

The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) has recommended that truDERMA, LLC, discontinue certain claims for the company’s Troxyphen dietary supplement, including claims that the product is “safe and clinically researched.”

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ERSP Finds Direct Digital Can Support Performance Claims for ‘Nugenix,’ Recommends Marketer Modify Certain Claims

ERSP has determined that Direct Digital, LLC can support certain claims for Nugenix, a dietary supplement intended to increase testosterone levels. ERSP recommended the advertiser discontinue claims related to increased “muscle mass.”

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