Children’s Advertising Review Unit

CARU Recommends Mattel Modify TV Advertising for ‘Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy’ to Better Disclose What Comes with Initial Purchase

CARU has recommended that Mattel, Inc., modify broadcast advertising for the company’s “Sofia The First Royal Prep Academy” playset to more clearly disclose the toys included with the initial purchase of the product.

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CARU Reviews Ads for Maya ‘Orbeez Body Spa,’ Recommends Advertiser Discontinue ‘Stress-Relief’ Claim

CARU has recommended that the Maya Group, Inc., discontinue stress-reduction claims for Orbeez Body Spa. The company has agreed to do so.

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CARU Recommends McDonald’s Modify Adverting to Focus on Product, Not Premium

CARU has recommended that McDonald’s take care to assure in future advertising directed to children that commercials focus on the advertised food product and not on the premium.

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CARU Recommends Crayola Modify Advertising for ‘Melt N’ Mold’ Factory to Depict Adult Supervision

CARU has recommended that Crayola, in future advertising for its “Melt N’ Mold Factory,” visually depicts prominent adult supervision in addition to the audio disclosure stating “adult supervision required” and make clear which products come with an initial purchase.

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CARU Recommends Bravo Sports Depict Safety Gear, Supervision in Future Scooter Ads Directed to Children Under 12

CARU has recommended that Bravo Sports discontinue advertising certain Pulse Electric Scooters, recommended for children ages 13 and older, to children under 12. CARU further recommended the advertiser depict appropriate adult supervision and safety gear in its advertising. The company has agreed to do so.

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CARU Recommends MGA Entertainment Depict Adult Supervision in Advertising for Lalaloopsy Baking Oven; Company Agrees to Do So

CARU has recommended that MGA Entertainment take steps to better depict adult supervision in future child-directed advertising for the “Lalaloopsy Baking Oven.” The company has said it will do so.

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