Children’s Advertising Review Unit

CARU Recommends Tech 4 Kids Modify Broadcast Ad for 3D Magic ImagiPen to Better Disclose Product Drying Time, Need for Adult Supervision

CARU has recommended that Tech 4 Kids, maker of the 3D Magic ImagiPen, modify broadcast advertising to more clearly disclose both the drying time necessary for the three-dimensional creations produced with the pen and that adult supervision is required.

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CARU Recommends Wobble Works Modify Broadcast Ad for 3Doodler Start Pen to Better Disclose What’s Included with Initial Purchase

CARU has recommended that Wobble Works, Inc., the maker of the 3Doodler Start Pen, modify broadcast advertising that doesn’t clearly disclose how much “Eco-plastic” filament is included with the initial purchase of the product.

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CARU Recommends Moose Toys Modify, Discontinue Commercial for ‘Selfie-Mic,’ ‘StarMaker App’

CARU has recommended that Moose Toys, maker of the “Selfie Mic”, discontinue advertising claims that imply children under the age of 13 can use all the features associated with the age-gated “Star Maker” app promoted with the Moose product.

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CARU Recommends Dave & Buster’s Discontinue Play-for-Free Advertising Claims Following Review

CARU has recommended that Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc., discontinue claims that children can play the video games “Luigi’s Mansion” and “Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix” for free, given that the offer requires consumers to make a $10 purchase. The company has said that the advertising at issue will not run again.

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Skechers Discontinues Spot Following CARU Inquiry Into Safety Concerns

Skechers, maker of Skech-Air shoes, said it would discontinue a broadcast spot that raised the concern of CARU over the depiction of activities that might be unsafe for children.

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CARU Recommends Moose Toys Better Disclose Drying Time for ‘Qixels 3D Maker’

CARU has recommended that Moose Toys add an audio disclosure to broadcast advertising for “Qixels 3D Maker” to better assure that children understand their Qixel creations require up to 60 minutes drying time before they are handled.

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