Children’s Advertising Review Unit

CARU Reviews Advertising for Cra-Z-Art ‘Lite Brix,’ Recommends Company Add New Disclosures to Broadcast Ad

CARU recommended that LaRose Industries, LLC, doing business as Cra-Z-Art, modify broadcast advertising for the company’s Lite Brix products to better disclose the items that come with initial purchase and the need for batteries.

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CARU Reviews Advertising for Razor ‘ProXX Scooter,’ Company Says It Will Not Direct ProXX Advertising at Issue in CARU Inquiry to Children

CARU recommended that Razor USA LLC, which markets the Razor ProXX Scooter, modify print advertising for the product to better depict the use of safety gear. In response to CARU’s inquiry, the company said it would not place this advertisement in child-directed publications.

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CARU Recommends International Masters Publishers Modify Advertising for ‘Wildlife Explorer’ Kit

CARU recommended International Masters Publishers, Inc., modify advertising for its “Wildlife Explorer” kit to better disclose the material terms of its offer. The company has agreed to do so.

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CARU Recommends Moose Modify Broadcast Advertising for Fortune Cookie Maker

CARU recommended Moose Toys modify advertising for its Fortune Cookie Maker to better disclose what is included with an initial purchase. The company agreed to do so in future advertising.

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CARU Recommends Bandai Modify ‘Ben 10’ Advertising Featuring Sweepstakes to Better Disclose Free Means of Entry

CARU recommended Bandai America Inc., modify broadcast and website advertising for the Ben 10 Omniverse Touch and Atlantis Sweepstakes.

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CARU Recommends HD Group Modify Website to Better Protect Children’s Privacy; Company Implements Recommendations

CARU recommended HD Group, LLC, modify the website to better protect children’s privacy. The company has done so.

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