Children’s Advertising Review Unit

Playmates Discontinues Spot Featuring Supervised Stunts in Response to CARU Inquiry

CARU has recommended that Playmates Toys, Inc., discontinue television advertising for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Accessories that features potentially dangerous stunts performed by children.

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CARU Recommends JAKKS Modify Broadcast Ad for ‘Sky High Tink’ Toy

CARU has recommended that JAKKS Pacific Inc., modify broadcast advertising for the company’s “Disney Fairies Sky High Tink” to more accurately demonstrate the toy’s capabilities.

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Viacom International to Review Privacy Policy for Spanish-Language ‘Mundonick’ Following CARU Inquiry

Viacom International Media Networks, operator of the Spanish-language website Mundonick, said it would review the sites privacy policy, following an inquiry from CARU.

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CARU Finds Telebrands’ ‘Phantom Saucer’ Ad Accurately Depicts Toy’s Capabilities, Recommends Additional Disclosure

CARU has determined that advertising for Telebrands’ Phantom Saucer accurately depicts the toy’s capabilities. CARU has also recommended that the advertiser add an audio disclosure to broadcast advertising for the toy, to better assure that children understand there’s an additional fee for shipping and handling.

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CARU Recommends Allstar Marketing Modify ‘Party in the Tub’ Commercial

CARU has recommended that Allstar Marketing Group modify broadcast advertising to clearly disclose that batteries are not included with purchase of the company’s “Party in the Tub.” The company has agreed to do so.

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CARU Recommends Hampton Direct Modify Broadcast Ad for ‘Lumi Dough,’ Company Agrees to Do So

CARU has recommended that Hampton Direct modify broadcast advertising for the company’s “Lumi Dough” product to better disclose to children the products included in an initial purchase. The company has agreed to do so.

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