Children’s Advertising Review Unit

CARU Recommends Dave & Buster’s Discontinue Play-for-Free Advertising Claims Following Review

CARU has recommended that Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc., discontinue claims that children can play the video games “Luigi’s Mansion” and “Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix” for free, given that the offer requires consumers to make a $10 purchase. The company has said that the advertising at issue will not run again.

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Skechers Discontinues Spot Following CARU Inquiry Into Safety Concerns

Skechers, maker of Skech-Air shoes, said it would discontinue a broadcast spot that raised the concern of CARU over the depiction of activities that might be unsafe for children.

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CARU Recommends Moose Toys Better Disclose Drying Time for ‘Qixels 3D Maker’

CARU has recommended that Moose Toys add an audio disclosure to broadcast advertising for “Qixels 3D Maker” to better assure that children understand their Qixel creations require up to 60 minutes drying time before they are handled.

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CARU Recommends PlayMonster Better Disclose that its ‘Chrono Bomb’ Game Uses String to Simulate Laser Field

CARU has recommended that PlayMonster, LLC, the make of the “Chrono Bomb” game, add an audio disclosure to broadcast advertising to assure child viewers better understand that the game uses colored string to simulate a laser field. The advertiser has agreed to do so.

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CARU Reviews Ad for Zuru’s ‘Dory’ and ‘Bailey’ Toys; Recommends Advertiser Modify Swimming Pool Scene to Address Safety Concerns

CARU has recommended that Zuru Inc., the maker of products that include the “Finding Dory: Swimming Dory and Bailey Robofish,” modify broadcast advertising for the toys to address CARU’s safety concerns over swimming pool scenes. The company has agreed to do so.

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CARU Examines Ad for Dirty South Bat’s W.A.R. Product; Recommends Advertiser Modify, Discontinue Claims

CARU has determined that claims made in testimonials for Dirty South Bat’s W.A.R. baseball bats should be modified or discontinued.

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