Children’s Advertising Review Unit

CARU Recommends WhatNot Toys, Featured at Ryan Toys Review, Take Steps to Better Protect Children’s Privacy, Company Agrees to Do So

CARU has recommended that WhatNot Toys, Inc., which advertises at the YouTube channel “Ryan Toys Review,” put in place privacy practices that are compliant with CARU’s guidelines and federal law.

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CARU Examines YouTube Channel ‘Ryan Toys Review,’ Recommends More Prominent Disclosures of Ad Content

CARU has determined that certain content featured on at “Ryan Toys Review,” a popular YouTube Channel aimed at children, is advertising and that such content should be clearly identified as advertising to the child audience.

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CARU Refers Game Publisher UCool to FTC After Company Declines to Participate in CARU Process

CARU has referred video game publisher UCool to the Federal Trade Commission after the company failed to respond to CARU’s inquiry concerning UCool’s “Heroes Arena” mobile application.

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CARU Recommends Mattel Modify Barbie Sparkle Blast App to Better Disclose In-App Advertising; Company Does So

CARU has recommended that Mattel, Inc., modify its Barbie Sparkle Blast mobile application to better disclose to a child audience the company’s in-app advertising. Mattel has done so.

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CARU Welcomes New Leader to Key Industry Self-Regulatory Program

ASRC and CBBB today announced the appointment of Dona J Fraser as Director CARU. CARU was created in 1974 to promote principles of responsibility in advertising to children.

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CARU Recommends Redwood Ventures Depict Adult Supervision in Advertising for ‘IDO3D’ Pen; Company to Comply

CARU has recommended that Redwood Ventures clearly depict adult supervision in advertising for the company’s “IDO3D” pen. Following its review of the company’s advertising, CARU also determined that the advertising adequately communicated to children the nature of the product and the variety of product sets and colors. CARU further determined that the product operated as advertised.

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