Compliance Guidance

Education and Accountability are two of the seven core principles established by the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA Principles).

In keeping with the Accountability Program’s mission to promote compliance with the OBA Principles and the Multi-Site Data Principles (collectively, the Principles), the Accountability Program may, in its discretion, supplement the industry guidance it provides through the issuance of public decisions, press releases and other adjudicatory documents, by issuing a Compliance Warning or general Compliance Guidance, prior to formal enforcement. The Accountability Program’s Compliance Warnings and Guidance documents will be posted here.

We note that the Accountability Program also conducts educational outreach to companies and consumers to help them understand the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Programs and Principles. Such educational outreach includes participating in webinars, conferences and other public events, as well as working with other organizations that share its goals.

Accountability Program Native Advertising Compliance Warning CW-03-2014

Accountability Program Alternative Identification Technology Compliance Warning CW-02-2014

Accountability Program First Party Enhanced Notice Compliance Warning CW-01-2013